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Digital X-Rays

Single tooth and full mouth. This may show up decay, gum disease and occasionally unusual findings like cysts or abscesses. Clients are exposed to less radiation and the images are perfect and state of the art.


Study Casts

This allows us to see the appearance of your teeth outside the mouth, how the upper and lower teeth come together and will enable us to assess for any potential problems while planning your dental treatment.

Your First Appointment

Consultation and Diagnostic Aids

An oral health check to examine teeth, buy amoxicillin next day delivery uk gums and soft tissues. We look for decay, gum disease, and also cancer. This will include gum measurements of pocket depths. We also look for signs of tooth wear and acid erosion.

Diagnostic Wax-ups

These are very helpful in seeing how your teeth could look after a Smile Makeover.


Oral Cancer Screening

Regular examination will hopefully pick up any early signs which may then be treated easily and successfully. Smoking and alcohol consumption can play a big part in the cause of this debilitating disease.

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