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WY10 1hr Chairside Whitening is the most effective & safest System...

WY10 Teeth Whitening at Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa

The wy10 1 hour chairside whitening is the most effective and safest chairside system in the market. It can leave teeth up to 10 shades whiter with very little or no sensitivity. The wy10 gel formulation is scientifically proven to remove stain more effectively than the leading brand. The wy10 bleaching equipment is the most user-friendly, safe and effective in the market. The tray design is friendly to use, effective and reduces sensitivity.

Better still, the bleaching techniques came out from our research were shared with dentists at seminars worldwide.

Wy10 Chairside Whitening Procedure Kit

The wy10 Chairside Procedure Kit is designed for the busy patient (and discerning dentists.) It enables dentists to carry out chairside whitening procedures on their patients with maximum results and minimum effort.

“After whitening teeth for 20 years, this is the first chairside system that I am genuinely happy to use as it is not only comfortable for the patient but the technology has been thoroughly researched and the results on my patients have been extremely impressive leaving clients at The Spa genuinely delighted”. Dr Niloy Karia

Your Chairside Experience at Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa

After an initial consultation to check whether your teeth are suitable for whitening, the treatment begins by protecting your gums. Lips and cheeks.

The chairside gel is applied to the teeth and is then activated by the gentle thermal diffuser for 10 minutes.

The diffuser enhances the penetration of the gel in to the enamel surfaces removing more stains effectively.

This process is then repeated 3-4 times depending on the individuals teeth.

For Longer Terms – Enhanced Teeth Whitening Results

For more enhanced results, a home maintenence kit can be used for 30 minutes, twice a day for approximately 5 days. Effective results can last for up to 2 yrs.

How Wy10 Works

The wy 10 system consists of a wy10 thermal diffuser and a double barrelled syringe containing the whtening gel.

The thermal diffuser raises the temperature of the wy10 whitening gel and the teeth surfaces by 5 – 10 degrees celcius which is very safe on the nerve tissues.

The chairside gel consists of a patented organic activator which is scientifically proven to enhance the whitening effect of hydrogenperoxide by 300 percent.

The chairside gel is alkaline which is very safe on enamel.

The wy10 gel formulation is proven to remove stain more effectively than the leading brand.

“The wy10 chairside bleaching equipment is the most user friendly , safe and effective in the market”.

wy10 is a range of innovative teeth whitening products from Wyten Technology that has a motto of “Research and Innovate”.

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