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your smile and beauty dreams Will Be a reality

Smile Makeover in Kent at Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa

“Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa, the perfect place to make your smile and beauty dreams a reality” A smile Makeover involves a single or multiple types of treatment to give you a natural looking smile that is tailored to you. Whilst designing your Smile Makeover we consider the Divine Proportion of the face to give you a balanced buy amoxicillin for dogs smile that enhances your facial features in the most natural way.

Smile Makeover treatments may include:

  1. Veneers or Crown for discoloured teeth, chipped or crooked teeth

  2. Dental Implants to replace missing teeth.

  3. Orthodontic Braces to straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign™ Invisible Braces.

  4. Laser Teeth Whitening with Home Whitening Boosters

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Smile Makeovers

  • Smile Makeover may include include Veneers, Crowns,
    Whitening and Cosmetic Treatments.
  • Based on each Veneer or Crown at £450 each (normal price £500 each)
  • This offer is based on a minimum of 6 teeth ( eg 6 teeth at a total cost of £2,700)
  • Subject to clinical evaluation at time of assessment.

Offer Available for April 2020

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