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Soothing Scale and Polish

A soothing solution with anaesthetic qualities is gently massaged over your gums prior to your hygiene treatment.

Aloe Vera Holistic Scale and Polish

Ideal for clients who believe in the holistic approach.

Cleaning and Gum Treatment

There is convincing evidence of links between gum disease, heart and respiratory disease, diabetes and premature birth. Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth. Treatments include:

De-Scaling and Polishing

Ideal for clients on our maintenance programme who have nearly perfect oral hygiene.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning and Polishing

Perfect for removing excess, stubborn calculus and tartar. Also good for stain removal. Can be slightly sensitive but saves all the digging around.

Air Polishing

Fine non-abrasive particles are delivered by air and water to effectively ‘jet wash’ the enamel surfaces reducing surface stain for a smooth silky finish. It is safe, easy to use and a nice finish to a more traditional scale and polish.


An extremely small kidney shaped chip is painlessly inserted into the pocket of a periodontally affected tooth. The active ingredient kills bacteria and can help prolong the life of the tooth. The chip dissolves naturally and amazing results have been achieved along side thorough hygiene programmes.

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