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Dental Implants in Kent for Missing Teeth

So are Dental Implants really the next best thing to natural teeth?

With today’s technology it is quite possible to give people all or most of their teeth back with Dental Implants at Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa.

People lose teeth or have loose teeth for many reasons, a sporting accident, gum disease or poor oral health, tooth loss (or gum recession) due to smoking, missing teeth due to illness, a traffic accident, to name but a few.

Dental Implants Kent and London

Dental Implants Kent

You may not be aware that as well as replacing a single missing tooth, a person with little or no missing teeth could have a complete set of teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. If a person has been wearing dentures for a long time or simply has had no teeth for many years, their jawbone gradually becomes less as it is not being exercised (or used). So in these circumstances the Dental Implant cannot be screwed into the jaw bone as there is not enough jawbone to support the dental implants. At Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa we would use advanced dental implant techniques such as bone grafting, sinus grafting or sinus buy amoxicillin 250 mg online lift to add more bone into the area of the jaw that will support the Dental Implant. Over a number of months once the bone has integrated with the patients existing bone the dental Implants can be placed.

At Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa we have the expertise and artistry to not only reconstrcut your smile using Dental Implants in Kent, but we will also hand craft your Dental Crowns that will be fixed to the end of the dental Implants.

The result is a beautiful natural looking smile that allows you to just get on with your life.

Please speak to our friendly team who is happy to discuss your missing teeth problems in confidence. People often look for cheap dental implants but are not aware of all the facts and costs involved. At Kent Dental Practice & Beauty Spa we make everything clear and put it in writing. Dr Niloy karia has trained with Dr Hilt Tatum of the Tatum Institute who is a pioneer in the world of Dental Implantology.

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